OPNFV hunter release note for Functest


This document contains the release notes of the Functest project.

OPNFV hunter Release

Functest deals with functional testing of the OPNFV solution. It includes test cases developed within the project, test cases developed in other OPNFV projects and it also integrates test cases from other upstream communities.


The internal test cases are:

  • connection_check
  • tenantnetwork1
  • tenantnetwork2
  • vmready1
  • vmready2
  • singlevm1
  • singlevm2
  • vping_ssh
  • vping_userdata
  • cinder_test
  • odl
  • tempest_smoke
  • tempest_horizon
  • tempest_neutron
  • tempest_cinder
  • tempest_keystone
  • tempest_heat
  • rally_sanity
  • refstack_defcore
  • patrole
  • networking-bgpvpn
  • networking-sfc
  • tempest_barbican
  • tempest_full
  • tempest_scenario
  • rally_full
  • cloudify
  • cloudify_ims
  • heat_ims
  • vyos_vrouter
  • juju_epc
  • vgpu

The OPNFV projects integrated into Functest framework for automation are:

  • doctor
  • odl-sfc
  • barometer
  • stor4nfv_os


The internal test cases are:

  • k8s_quick
  • k8s_smoke
  • k8s_conformance
  • xrally_kubernetes
  • kube_hunter
  • kube_bench_master
  • kube_bench_node
  • xrally_kubernetes_full
  • k8s_vims
  • helm_vims
  • cnf_conformance

The OPNFV projects integrated into Functest framework for automation are:

  • stor4nfv
  • clover

Release Data

Project functest
Repository branch stable/hunter

Version change

Key changes

  • update testcases and containers to OpenStack Rocky and to Kubernetes v1.13.5
  • add rally_full in Installer daily jobs (including the virtual deployments)
  • harden the VNF testcases and decrease their requirements (e.g. image size)
  • verify all patches before merge via functional gates
  • reorder the testcases to run them in parallel
  • publish new Ansible playbooks to easily deploy the OPNFV CI/CD toolchain
  • port Functest on Raspberry PI

Key benefits

  • the enduser can easily deploy its own Functest toolchains in few commands
  • everyone can pick stable Functest rolling releases (latest included)
  • Functest can verify VIM in production even on Raspberry PI
  • all testcases can run in parallel (tested with 5 executors in our gates)

Code quality

  • pylint: 10.00/10
  • code coverage: 71%