Overview of the Functest suites

Functest is the OPNFV project primarily targeting functional testing. In the Continuous Integration pipeline, it is launched after an OPNFV fresh installation to validate and verify the basic functions of the infrastructure.

The current list of test suites can be distributed over 5 main domains:
  • VIM (Virtualised Infrastructure Manager)
  • Controllers (i.e. SDN Controllers)
  • VNF (Virtual Network Functions)
  • Kubernetes

Functest test suites are also distributed in the OPNFV testing categories: healthcheck, smoke, benchmarking, VNF, Stress tests.

All the Healthcheck and smoke tests of a given scenario must be successful to validate the scenario for the release.

Domain Tier Test case Comments
VIM healthcheck connection _check Check OpenStack connectivity
smoke vping_ssh NFV “Hello World” using an SSH connection to a destination VM over a created floating IP address on the SUT Public / External network. Using the SSH connection a test script is then copied to the destination VM and then executed via SSH. The script will ping another VM on a specified IP address over the SUT Private Tenant network
vping _userdata Uses Ping with given userdata to test intra-VM connectivity over the SUT Private Tenant network. The correct operation of the NOVA Metadata service is also verified in this test
tempest _smoke Generate and run a relevant Tempest Test Suite in smoke mode. The generated test set is dependent on the OpenStack deployment environment
rally _sanity Run a subset of the OpenStack Rally Test Suite in smoke mode
refstack _defcore Reference RefStack suite tempest selection for NFV
patrole Patrole is a tempest plugin for testing and verifying RBAC policy enforcement, which offers testing for the following OpenStack services: Nova, Neutron, Glance, Cinder and Keystone
  neutron _trunk The neutron trunk port testcases have been introduced and they are supported by installers : Apex, Fuel and Compass.
components tempest _full _parallel Generate and run a full set of the OpenStack Tempest Test Suite. See the OpenStack reference test suite [2]. The generated test set is dependent on the OpenStack deployment environment
rally_full Run the OpenStack testing tool benchmarking OpenStack modules See the Rally documents [3]
Controllers smoke odl Opendaylight Test suite Limited test suite to check the basic neutron (Layer 2) operations mainly based on upstream testcases. See below for details
VNF vnf cloudify _ims Example of a real VNF deployment to show the NFV capabilities of the platform. The IP Multimedia Subsystem is a typical Telco test case, referenced by ETSI. It provides a fully functional VoIP System
vyos _vrouter vRouter testing
juju_epc Validates deployment of a complex mobility VNF on OPNFV Platform. Uses Juju for deploying the OAI EPC and ABot for defining test scenarios using high-level DSL. VNF tests reference 3GPP Technical Specs and are executed through protocol drivers provided by ABot.
Kubernetes healthcheck k8s_smoke Test a running Kubernetes cluster and ensure it satisfies minimal functional requirements
smoke k8s_ conformance Run a subset of Kubernetes End-to-End tests, expected to pass on any Kubernetes cluster

As shown in the above table, Functest is structured into different ‘domains’, ‘tiers’ and ‘test cases’. Each ‘test case’ usually represents an actual ‘Test Suite’ comprised -in turn- of several test cases internally.

Test cases also have an implicit execution order. For example, if the early ‘healthcheck’ Tier testcase fails, or if there are any failures in the ‘smoke’ Tier testcases, there is little point to launch a full testcase execution round.

In Danube, we merged smoke and sdn controller tiers in smoke tier.

An overview of the Functest Structural Concept is depicted graphically below:

Functest Concepts Structure

Some of the test cases are developed by Functest team members, whereas others are integrated from upstream communities or other OPNFV projects. For example, Tempest is the OpenStack integration test suite and Functest is in charge of the selection, integration and automation of those tests that fit suitably to OPNFV.

The Tempest test suite is the default OpenStack smoke test suite but no new test cases have been created in OPNFV Functest.

The results produced by the tests run from CI are pushed and collected into a NoSQL database. The goal is to populate the database with results from different sources and scenarios and to show them on a Functest Dashboard. A screenshot of a live Functest Dashboard is shown below:

Functest Dashboard

Basic components (VIM, SDN controllers) are tested through their own suites. Feature projects also provide their own test suites with different ways of running their tests.

The notion of domain has been introduced in the description of the test cases stored in the Database. This parameters as well as possible tags can be used for the Test case catalog.

vIMS test case was integrated to demonstrate the capability to deploy a relatively complex NFV scenario on top of the OPNFV infrastructure.

Functest considers OPNFV as a black box. OPNFV offers a lot of potential combinations (which may change from one version to another):

  • 3 controllers (OpenDaylight, ONOS, OpenContrail)
  • 5 installers (Apex, Compass, Daisy, Fuel, Joid)

Most of the tests are runnable by any combination, but some tests might have restrictions imposed by the utilized installers or due to the available deployed services. The system uses the environment variables to automatically determine the valid test cases, for each given environment.

A convenience Functest CLI utility is also available to simplify setting up the Functest environment, management of the OpenStack environment (e.g. resource clean-up) and for executing tests. The Functest CLI organised the testcase into logical Tiers, which contain in turn one or more testcases. The CLI allows execution of a single specified testcase, all test cases in a specified Tier, or the special case of execution of ALL testcases. The Functest CLI is introduced in more details in next section.